Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Privacy & Data Visualization

Digital Analytics Expert

More than 5 years of experience in Digital Analytics, implementation & optimisation of Measurement Performance

Improve your data quality now

It is after several years and solid agency experiences, the last one spent for Accenture & L’Oréal in North America, that I now use 100% of my time to independent Analytics consulting.

You need to set up a quality tracking system:
‣ For your audience measurement in Google Analytics
‣ Or for your media partners Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing, Criteo…

My role is to help you make better decisions thanks to the wealth of data we can collect.

Whether you are a start-up, a large company, a SME, an agency, an independent, it will be a pleasure for me to exchange and move forward together:

Data Strategy
‣ Audit Analytics
‣ Tracking strategy
‣ Marking plan, implementation
‣ Analysis and data activation: monitoring and reporting, performance optimization

Architecture & data collection
‣ Complete management of the tracking implementation (writing, QA, piloting)
‣ Setup/maintenance of Web Analytics tools
‣ Setup/maintenance of Tag Management tools and 3rd party

Analytics Training
‣ Tools training (Google Analytics/Tag Manager,…)
‣ Digital Analytics training
‣ Privacy training (GDPR, CCPA)

Privacy enhancement
‣ Consent Strategy
‣ Cookie compliance
‣ Consent Management Platform implementation (CMP Onetrust, Cookie Bot,…)
‣ Analytics and tag Manager compliance

Human relations are a priority:
‣ Listenning
‣ Rigor
‣ Transparency
‣ Pedagogy.

I attach particular importance to the methodologies/processes of work and to the increase in competence of my clients.

You can find some of my clients/tools references in the Portfolio below

We look forward to discussing your projects with you!

Some tools

Some references